Peer to Peer payments application leveraging the use of an adopted version of Plasma, built on top of Ethereum.

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"Incento's mission is to make programmable money easily accessible and usable to anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world."

How it works?

Simply sign in using a browser wallet or Sign in With Google.

Deposit Dai Stablecoin.

Send, receive and spend instantly anytime, anywhere.

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About Incento

Originally started as a hackathon project Incento aims bridge gap between real life finance and crypto world with stability, scalability and superior user experience that even grandma can understand in a complete trustless manner.

Incento is built by geeks and privacy lovers and we're constantly working to bring best possible experience so you'll forget centralized money and adopt crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you deposits your funds are locked into Ethereum and deposited into plasma sidechain which allows instant and fast transfers.
All the transactions happen on blockchain and your funds are only controlled by you. Blockchain makes it possible to have trustless transactions in secure way.
Incento doesn't charge anything. Only fees you'll need to pay are Ethereum network fees for depositing and withdrawing.
Tweet to us @tryincento. You can also join us on Telegram.